The best part was breaking through anxiety, depression and resistance.

With writing and getting ready to perform comedy for the first time with an audience I decided I did not need to do this. I decided it was not important or fun and I was not going to do it. I was launching a new program in my business and slogging through it at times.

I realized I was not having fun in reaching out to serve and connect with the people my program was designed to help end migraines. It was the same feelings of depression and resistance. I knew I had to work with the hopelessness and fear of the future. I recognized me, where I was.

In doing that work I got to have fun and reach out in a space of hope, support and safety. I chose to do the work and learned to have fun from a space of invitation. I learned to tell the stories that I wanted to tell with humor. I discovered comedy is healing for me and my stories.

G Olsen 6/12/2020

Seriously Funny: Why we trust Comics in times of Crisis

When there is so much going on in the world, there are a few perspectives that I seek out—spiritual leaders, experts–and comics.

I trust them to “tell it like it is” because comics cry bullshit when they see it. And I trust them to deliver their truth with a wry touch of humor that makes it easier to take.

To paraphrase Mary Poppins: a spoonful of humor makes the powerful realizations go down.

I don’t mean that you should be cracking jokes at people’s pain or “punching down” at all. But comics have ways of phrasing things that give us little breaks and powerful speakers need to know them.

Do yourself and your audience a favor by learning the 5 predominant joke types and using them wisely.

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“But Jennifer, I don’t want to be a comic”


When I tell people that I’m a women’s comedy coach, they’re intrigued.   When I tell them that I show people how to turn awkward parts of their life into material, confidence and joy, they get a little excited and their eyes glow. But then a lot of them say the same thing, “That sounds really cool, but I don’t want to be a comic.”

And honestly, that is music to my ears.

They say “that sounds really cool, but I don’t want to be a comic.”

And honestly, that is music to my ears.

And honestly, that is music to my ears.

Don’t get me wrong–one of the joys of life is hanging out with funny people and riffing off of each other, but that’s not who I’m looking for in my programs.  

I want the entrepreneur who wants more stage presence and confidence but has a hard time knowing what to say and getting people to listen.

I want the woman who’s earned a lot of respect for her hard work and conscientious standards who feels like she doesn’t know how to find the lightness and laughter in her work and in her life. 

I want the midlife empty nester who is looking for a new adventure that makes her heart race but doesn’t require a liability release from her medical insurance.

I want YOU to tell me the uncomfortable parts of your life so WE can spin it into comedic gold using the tried and true formulas for comedy. I want you to come away with a 5-minute set that came out of your life and your head that you can use for the rest of your life.

So, you don’t have to want to be a comic. But don’t let it stop you from exploring how playing with your comic voice can make life more fun and your voice more powerful.

Stand Up Students say what?

A new 6-week program just started and it’s so much fun to see all of the different material that people bring to the table. But even better is how much fun it is for the participants!

It really makes my day, so I thought I’d share a few recent comic comments:

  • This is so fun and a nice break from my have to’s during this time. I didn’t tell my family what I’m doing just that I have a meeting on Mondays.
  • I had fun. I woke up thinking about what a terrible student I was which made me sit down and write for today. And I have so many more ideas listening to all your sets.
  • Thank you all so much!!! I was just thinking: So happy to be doing this!!!
  • It’s great to have something on my schedule to work for and to look forward to! And of course, to laugh with you all is the best thing ever!

As an adult with a work life, chores, and bills, it’s a treat to have something exciting, a new skill and something creative to look forward to every week. During the Covid Quarantine, it’s even more impactful to have a bright spot of comedy to look forward to.

The next introductory workshops of Stand Up for Scaredy Cats is coming up June 1st and June 15th. In 45-minutes you get the basics of stand up and how it could apply to your life’s material. It’s low cost ($25) low risk (45 minutes) way to get a taste of what comedy could do for your stage presence, business, and life:

For an even smaller investment (free!) come see some of the newest graduates on Friday, May 15th at the 6th Quarantine Comedy Show!

It’s a free show and I have some guest comics coming to lend support and to give us big belly laughs.

Wishing you good health and humor always! Jennifer Mason, the AcuComic

Quarantine Comedy Show #4

Friday Friday Friday!

Come on down to the online Comedy Club!

Friday, April 17th 6pm PST

We’re bringing you some of the best comics in San Diego in the comfort of your own living room through the magic of Zoom.

Log in at 6pm to join the show and let these fabulous comics take you away from our current reality for an hour of laughing until your face hurts. There is no 2-drink minimum and the tickets are free!

>>Register Here<<

I’d really love to see you on your couch enjoying the show–with your cat and your Quarantini or whatever you’ve got going on. You don’t have to dress up, but please wear clothes.

If you want to show the comics some love, throw something in the virtual tip jar for them. They’d really appreciate it!

Venmo @Vitamin-Chi or paypal  paypal.me/menniferjason

Stand up, online?


As a former anthropology major, it’s been interesting to see how the online comedy culture is adapting—how we use the virtual backgrounds in our sets, how the audience can talk back via chat, or how we now get to talk to cat butts in the windows.

And how different people get to come to shows now–you can be housebound, sober, in your 80’s, and you can still come to the show. It’s been really good for friends who live in different cities. People who had been saying for months, “I’d definitely come see your show if only I lived closer,” show up on Zoom.

What I’m finding is that the audience is grateful—thanking us for giving them a chance to laugh and for a chance to “see” other people. And the comics are even more grateful—not just for the tip jar proceeds, but for the chance to tell jokes and hang out with other comics.

Comedy may not be in the “essential services” category, but laughter, lightness, and connection is essential for our well being. Online comedy isn’t the same, but it’s worth it. 

Check it out for yourself at the next show! Tickets are free and there’s no 2-drink minimum, so there’s not reason not to!

>>Here’s the link to register: Quarantine Comedy <<

Uplift List

I was just chatting with my high school kid’s new friend’s mom. We’re both so happy that our kids are friends! We were discussing this weekend’s plans for a sleepover and a fun run.

And then she wrote this: 

“I think that you model amazing things for your boys. It is so cool to hear how well your son speaks of you. He is so proud of his mother…. I told my husband that you have really done a great job. We both agree that your kid is really incredible.”

(names have been removed)

And you guys, I welled up a little and then I copied and pasted that right into my Uplift List.

What’s an Uplift List?

Anytime someone tells me that I’ve made a difference or gives me heartfelt praise or gratitude, it goes on the list. It’s not for testimonials or marketing (that’s a different list.)

It’s for the days when I feel stupid or ineffective and I need evidence that has not always been so. It’s like a push up bra for your soul–supportive and uplifting.

It’s like a push up bra for your soul–supportive and uplifting.

Our mind tends to remember the mistakes we’ve made and the hurtful things that people have said to us. I

t’s not trying to be negative. The need for safety gives it that bias. So, it’s up to us to deliberately stack the deck back to neutrality and health.

I hope you have an Uplift List too. If you do, I want to know about it. If you don’t, take this idea and run with it! Let me know how it works for you!

Winter Workshop: Stand Up for Speakers

Did you promise yourself to try something new, have more fun,
and be braver in your business? This was literally made for you!

8 Spots left!

Are your Facebook Lives flat and uninspired? Are you petrified to give 30-second elevator pitches? Are you allergic to microphones and public speaking so that you suffer the symptoms of sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, and the urge to run out of the room?

Or do you have a keynote speech coming up and you’d like to be remembered as one of the most engaging of the night? Or maybe you suspect you’re already hilarious and want to know how to hone it? Do you like friendly, enthusiastic people and tasty snacks?

If you are thinking “maybe” to any of those, this is for you.

We’ll be talking about how the techniques of stand up combined with your unique perspective and lifestory are the secret to your neverending confidence and charisma in your business and your life.

This is the funnest, easiest, and lowest commitment way to find out more about how stand up could transform you as a speaker.

At only $25 a ticket, this will go fast. Save your spot and save $5 by preregistering here: https://laughyourbestlife.as.me/intro

New Show! New Comics!

I’m so excited about this next show! Taylor Elliot, Kit Drozdoff, Marti Kimball and Nancy Francis are laugh out loud funny and this is their debut show! You can say, ” I knew them when…!” Also featuring the very funny Sarah Hershberger, Benji GarciaReyes, and headliner, Brendan Praniewicz.

Coaching Afterglow

Last night, Rich Oceguera celebrated his 50th birthday with a stand up show and it was glorious.
Rich told his stand up story, which is that a little voice had been telling him that he needed a bigger voice, and that stand up was the way to go.
As he resisted, it got louder and then finally, he met me and gave into fate. After six sessions, he brought the house down with his set and a new career was born.
In fact, everyone in this picture did the Six Weeks to Stand Up group coaching program and it was a reunion.
They all did it for different reasons and with slightly different results:

One wanted a more light hearted approach to life and found it. One did it as his calling and is burning up the comedy scene and winning competitions. One did it for courage and to fulfill a personal bucket list goal.

What would stand up comedy bring to you? More confidence? Breaking your own barriers? A new set of skills? A new way of looking at the world?

Find out more by booking a free phone call to talk to Jennifer about it: (619) 341-4288