Coaching Afterglow

Last night, Rich Oceguera celebrated his 50th birthday with a stand up show and it was glorious.
Rich told his stand up story, which is that a little voice had been telling him that he needed a bigger voice, and that stand up was the way to go.
As he resisted, it got louder and then finally, he met me and gave into fate. After six sessions, he brought the house down with his set and a new career was born.
In fact, everyone in this picture did the Six Weeks to Stand Up group coaching program and it was a reunion.
They all did it for different reasons and with slightly different results:

One wanted a more light hearted approach to life and found it. One did it as his calling and is burning up the comedy scene and winning competitions. One did it for courage and to fulfill a personal bucket list goal.

What would stand up comedy bring to you? More confidence? Breaking your own barriers? A new set of skills? A new way of looking at the world?

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