Stand up, online?


As a former anthropology major, it’s been interesting to see how the online comedy culture is adapting—how we use the virtual backgrounds in our sets, how the audience can talk back via chat, or how we now get to talk to cat butts in the windows.

And how different people get to come to shows now–you can be housebound, sober, in your 80’s, and you can still come to the show. It’s been really good for friends who live in different cities. People who had been saying for months, “I’d definitely come see your show if only I lived closer,” show up on Zoom.

What I’m finding is that the audience is grateful—thanking us for giving them a chance to laugh and for a chance to “see” other people. And the comics are even more grateful—not just for the tip jar proceeds, but for the chance to tell jokes and hang out with other comics.

Comedy may not be in the “essential services” category, but laughter, lightness, and connection is essential for our well being. Online comedy isn’t the same, but it’s worth it. 

Check it out for yourself at the next show! Tickets are free and there’s no 2-drink minimum, so there’s not reason not to!

>>Here’s the link to register: Quarantine Comedy <<

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