The best part was breaking through anxiety, depression and resistance.

With writing and getting ready to perform comedy for the first time with an audience I decided I did not need to do this. I decided it was not important or fun and I was not going to do it. I was launching a new program in my business and slogging through it at times.

I realized I was not having fun in reaching out to serve and connect with the people my program was designed to help end migraines. It was the same feelings of depression and resistance. I knew I had to work with the hopelessness and fear of the future. I recognized me, where I was.

In doing that work I got to have fun and reach out in a space of hope, support and safety. I chose to do the work and learned to have fun from a space of invitation. I learned to tell the stories that I wanted to tell with humor. I discovered comedy is healing for me and my stories.

G Olsen 6/12/2020

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