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The best part was breaking through anxiety, depression and resistance. With writing and getting ready to perform comedy for the first time with an audience I decided I did not need to do this. I decided it was not important or fun and I… Continue Reading “Testimonial”

Seriously Funny: Why we trust Comics in times of Crisis

When there is so much going on in the world, there are a few perspectives that I seek out—spiritual leaders, experts–and comics. I trust them to “tell it like it is” because comics cry bullshit when they see it. And I trust them to… Continue Reading “Seriously Funny: Why we trust Comics in times of Crisis”

“But Jennifer, I don’t want to be a comic”

  When I tell people that I’m a women’s comedy coach, they’re intrigued.   When I tell them that I show people how to turn awkward parts of their life into material, confidence and joy, they get a little excited and their eyes glow.… Continue Reading ““But Jennifer, I don’t want to be a comic””

Stand Up Students say what?

A new 6-week program just started and it’s so much fun to see all of the different material that people bring to the table. But even better is how much fun it is for the participants! It really makes my day, so I thought… Continue Reading “Stand Up Students say what?”

Quarantine Comedy Show #4

Friday Friday Friday! Come on down to the online Comedy Club! Friday, April 17th 6pm PST We’re bringing you some of the best comics in San Diego in the comfort of your own living room through the magic of Zoom. Log in at 6pm… Continue Reading “Quarantine Comedy Show #4”

Stand up, online?

As a former anthropology major, it’s been interesting to see how the online comedy culture is adapting—how we use the virtual backgrounds in our sets, how the audience can talk back via chat, or how we now get to talk to cat butts in… Continue Reading “Stand up, online?”

Uplift List

I was just chatting with my high school kid’s new friend’s mom. We’re both so happy that our kids are friends! We were discussing this weekend’s plans for a sleepover and a fun run. And then she wrote this:  “I think that you model… Continue Reading “Uplift List”

Winter Workshop: Stand Up for Speakers

8 Spots left! Are your Facebook Lives flat and uninspired? Are you petrified to give 30-second elevator pitches? Are you allergic to microphones and public speaking so that you suffer the symptoms of sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, and the urge to run out of… Continue Reading “Winter Workshop: Stand Up for Speakers”

New Show! New Comics!

I’m so excited about this next show! Taylor Elliot, Kit Drozdoff, Marti Kimball and Nancy Francis are laugh out loud funny and this is their debut show! You can say, ” I knew them when…!” Also featuring the very funny Sarah Hershberger, Benji GarciaReyes,… Continue Reading “New Show! New Comics!”

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